What is Technical SEO And How to do Technical SEO in 2024

Technical SEO in Hindi: Whenever we talk about SEO, two things first come to our mind, they are Off Page SEO and On Page SEO, but before performing these two SEOs, we also have to do Technical SEO.

It is very important to do Technical SEO to make any blog and website post Organic Traffic and Rank because with its help we can rank our website pages on top in search engine very quickly. To take full advantage of SEO, it is important to make sure that along with Off Page and On Page SEO, the technical SEO of your site is also very good so that your website ranks on the top position in Google and other Search Engines. Get it

What is Technical SEO?

In order to rank our website on the top position in Google, whatever technical changes we make for the website, we call this optimization process as Technical SEO. If you want to improve your technical SEO then you can join any SEO course.

In technical SEO, non-content factors are optimized, in technical SEO we work on the backend of the website and try to improve the website’s Readability, Load time, Structured data, User experience (UX) and UI etc. By the way, Technical SEO is a part of On-Page SEO.

How to do Technical SEO?

If Technical SEO is carried out using some techniques, then it can prove to be very beneficial for your website. That’s why these are some important factors with the help of which you can do technical SEO of your website –

1. Speed Up Your Website

The higher the speed of opening of a website, the higher are the chances of it getting ranked in Google. The website that does not open within 3 to 4 seconds, then the user leaves it and goes to another website, then it is not correct from the point of view of search engines and search engines will understand that your website is not optimized well. This has a very bad effect on your ranking, so the speed of your website should always be kept good, you can speed up the speed of the website by using the tips given below-

  • Use Light weight fast theme.
  • Use Less plugins.
  • Optimize Your Images size.
  • Use Cache plugins.
  • For Awesome Website Speed Use Better Hosting.

2. Use Schema Markup

You can use Schema Markup to feature your website in Google’s Featured Snippet, Product Review and Ratings and People Also Ask For box.

3. Make Mobile Friendly Website

In this world of Internet, more than half the traffic comes from mobile, this means that you have to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile friendly simply means that you have to create a website that is compatible on mobile, due to which mobile users visiting your website will also get a better experience.

4. URL Structure

The URL of the website should be kept as short and simple as possible, using keywords in it is good in terms of SEO. This will give Google’s Crawlers a Data Structured Way and will also have a great impact on User Experience.

5. Optimize Your robots.txt And 404 Pages

It is a txt file in which some instruction codes are written which tell the search engine which page or folder to crawl and which not. With the help of this robots.txt file, Google’s crawler crawls your website and pages and indexes it. You will also have to optimize by creating a 404 Error Page.

6. Use SSL Certificate

The website whose URL is preceded by https (which is more secure) instead of http, Google gives it more benefit in its search, as well as Google’s grace remains on websites with SSL certificate.

7. Connect to Google Search Console And Submit XML Sitemap

By submitting the sitemap of the website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool, our posts are quickly crawled in Search Engines. You have to connect your website to Google Search Console.

8. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Using AMP Technique designed to load the website quickly on mobile has a positive effect on the technical SEO of the site. For the use of AMP, if you run a WordPress website, then you can install the plugin of AMP.

9. Remove Bad Backlinks

If Low Quality Backlinks then Bad Quality Irrelevant Backlinks have become too much in a website, then we should remove all those Bad Backlinks with the help of Disavow Tool or else your website can be Penalized by Search Engine.


1. How to Learn Technical SEO?

Answer : Learning Technical SEO is very easy, for this you can read Bloggingskill.com Blog on the Internet or you can watch videos on YouTube.

2. How Many Types Of SEO?

Answer : You need three types of SEO for Organic Traffic- (1) On-Page SEO, (2) Technical SEO (3) Off-Page SEO

Conclusion – What is Technical SEO?

I hope you guys like the post written by us, what is Technical SEO? (What is Technical SEO in Hindi) and how to do technical SEO must have been understood, yet if you people have any doubt or question then you can ask through comment and at most this post can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Share on other social media sites.

What is Technical SEO And How to Do Technical SEO For Better Ranking in Google
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