What is Google Question Hub And How to Get Website Traffic?

If you are not getting Content Idea and you do not know what your readers want, then you must read about what is Google Question Hub and how it helps in increasing organic traffic. To get Organic Traffic from Google, you first have to know about which topic the readers have to read and to know the mind of the readers, you have to know what is Google Question Hub and how will you get Unlimited Traffic from it.

Google Question Hub was launched on 14 December 2018 and more than 450 bloggers, SEO experts and YouTubers were invited to its launch event at Pullman Hotel Aerocity, Delhi. When the Google Question Hub was not launched, then the user of the question whose answer was not found, he used to get frustrated and Google, seeing this problem, launched the Google Question Hub so that the problem of the readers could be fixed.

All the questions asked by Internet users in Google and they are not answered anywhere, then Google puts all those questions in the Google Question Hub and bloggers like us increase our Blog Traffic and Ranking by answering that question.

What is Google Question Hub And How to Get Website Traffic?

Google Question Hub is a product of Google in which you will find all the questions which are searched a lot on Google, Competition is very low on the question asked on Google Question Hub because neither blog is made on those topics and Nor is any post written, due to which you start getting traffic and ranking very quickly by working on those topics.

There are many new bloggers who do not even know what is Google Question Hub and what is the method to get organic traffic from Google Question Hub, they start writing articles as soon as they enter the blogging field and they write articles of other bloggers. They start copy-pasting, due to which they do not get success.

How to Create Account on Google Question Hub?

Now let’s know how to create an account on Google Question Hub? Creating an account on Google Question Hub is not a very difficult task and new bloggers do not know about Google Question Hub. To create your account on Google Question Hub, you must have a Gmail ID, only then you can register or open your account on Google Question Hub.

Note – Here one thing you will note before signing up on Google Question Hub, you have to sign up with the same email id that you are using in your Google Search Console, then only you can take full advantage of Google Question Hub.

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Go On Google Question Hub Official Site

    Google Question Hub Official Site

    First of all do Google Question Hub Search and then open Google’s first search result.

  2. From Gmail ID Do Sign Up And Login

    Google Question Hub Sign Up Button

    After going to the official site of Google Question Hub, some kind of interface will appear, after that sign up with your Gmail ID and log in.

  3. Select Domain

    Select Domain For Google Question Hub

    As soon as you login, all the sites of your Google Search Console will be shown in front of you and you will select the site of which you want to remove Content Idea.

  4. Search Questions On Google Question Hub

    Search Questions on Google Question Hub

    Now your work is done, now by submitting keywords related to Direct Topic in Google Question Hub, you can remove Question or Content Idea.

Google Question Hub Benefits

The benefits of using Google Question Hub are for both English and Hindi bloggers because now Google Question Hub can find content ideas of both English and Hindi types. Let’s see what are the advantages of Google Question Hub? And to what extent we will get profit from it.

  • By Using Google Question Hub You Will Get Free Content Idea.
  • No Need Of Keyword Research.
  • Your Website Traffic Can Be Increase.
  • Unique Article And Fresh Post.
  • Increasing Site Trust in The Front Of Google.
  • Google Question Hub Will Boost Your Content Quality.

How to Answer on Google Question Hub?

There are many bloggers who do not know how to answer in Google Question Hub? But it is very easy to answer on Google Question Hub, let me explain you in detail.

  1. I have told you above to create a Google Question Hub Account, after creating an account, you have to login to your Google Question Hub and go to the home page.
  2. After that you add the question by clicking on Search Question.
  3. And then on the side of the question you will see the submit button of the answer, by clicking on that button you can submit the link of your blog post.
  4. Here is a simple process to answer the question on Google Question Hub, which you must have understood by following.

Google Question Hub Features

After signing up on Google Question Hub and before using it, it is very important for you to know about its features because without understanding its features you will not be able to use it.

Search Questions on Google Question Hub
Search Questions on Google Question Hub

My Hub

The first feature in Google Question Hub is My Hub, which Google will give you and by answering those questions, you will be able to increase the traffic of your blog. You have to select only those questions which are related to your site and if you have written or written articles on them, then only you will be able to take full advantage of it.


Another feature in Google Question Hub is Saved, in which you want to write an article on any question you like, then the Star Symbol will appear in front of that question, click on it and your will be added to the Saved Tab and Future on it. In this you will be able to write articles.


In the Performance tab, you will have the data Fetch of your Google Search Console and Google Search Console will provide you the related question and how much traffic you are getting, how many clicks are getting, how many impressions you are getting from the question answered by you. Show will happen.

Google Question Hub FAQ

Many questions related to Google Question Hub are asked in Google, about which it is very important for you to know which are the following in front of you.

Question 1 – What is Google Question Hub?

Answer – Google Question Hub is a product launched by Google, where those questions are added, the answer of which is not with Google, so a group of many questions are put in one place, which is called Google Question Hub.

Question 2 – What is Google Question Hub Contest?

Answer – To make the blogger more dedicated towards blogging, Google organized a Question Hub Contest in 2018. In this Contest, Google Bloggers were asked to use maximum keyword tools to write articles because Google wanted to increase the morale of Hindi bloggers through the Contest, so that they should participate in more and more contests.

Question 3 – How to Increase Traffic From Google Question Hub?

Answer – As you know Google Question Hub gives you Content Idea and gives you an idea that does not have any article on Google and when you write an article on it, then your article ranks in Google and you start getting organic traffic. goes. Along with this, you can also increase the traffic of your blog by submitting a link to the article you have written to Google Question Hub.


Friends, in this article, we have learned what is Google Question Hub and how can we increase the traffic of our blog and I sincerely hope you have liked this article. With the help of Google Question Hub, publishers can find new content ideas for their blogs and get rank in Google.

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